Will Salazar respond?

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says he's "not familiar with" the Tom Davis case. Here's a refresher.

A ProPublica report in September exposed the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) for selling “truckload upon truckload” of captured wild horses to a known kill buyer, Tom Davis, who purchases U.S. horses and sells them to slaughterhouses in Mexico. Davis is a long-time neighbor and business associate of Salazar and his Colorado ranching family.

In a tense exchange with the reporter of that ProPublica article, Salazar said, “I am not familiar with what exactly is going on with Tom Davis." 

Salazar followed this shocking relelvation up by having his spokesman tell another reporter that “the Secretary has no recollection of Tom Davis."

Really? You can't remember a neighbor from your small town and someone your family did business with? You can't remember the guy who your BLM is accused of selling wild horses to and looking the other way while he illegally re-sold those wild horses to slaughter?

Maybe this explains why the BLM's wild horse program continues on full speed ahead with no changes being made even as video has surfaced online that shows wild horses with BLM brands being offloaded at a slaughterhouse in Mexico. 

We've delivered a letter with the signatures of 25,130 Americans calling on Secretary Salazar to suspend the BLM's roundup program so we make sure this never happens again. He hasn't responded yet and we've given him a deadline of November 27, 2012 to do so. 

Don't let Secretary Salazar think he can get away without responding. The American people demand to know why his BLM illegally sold 1,700 federally protected wild horses to his long time neighbor who hauls to Mexico for slaughter.

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