Wild Horse Advocates Fight Against Horse Roundup

Wild horse advocates are fighting back against the BLM as plans are being made to roundup wild horses in Beaver and Iron Counties. The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign said in a press release that the BLM “plans to spend tens of millions of tax dollars to round up federally protected wild horses in order to give a handful of ranchers cheap, below-market grazing on our public lands.” They claim that 35,000 people have filed comments with the Bureau of Land Management, urging the agency to to “appease” ranchers by rounding up the wild horses.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, the BLM in Washington has approved funding to remove 140 of the horses this summer form the Blawn Wash area, which is part of the Bible Spring Complex and is state land where wild horses are not supposed to roam. The Salt Lake Tribune says this is to be the first of several roundups over the next decade to reduce the number of wild horses, now estimated at 777, down to the range the agency deems appropriate, which is 80-170 horses.

Originally Posted By Mid Utah Radio