Where to view wild burros in NV: Gold Butte HMA

The Gold Butte Herd Management Area (HMA)

The primary use area within the HMA is characterized as "high" desert surrounded by low, rocky desert mountains. Lake Mead comprises over half of its boundary. The burros share the area with desert mule deer, coyotes, fox and mountain lions, as well as many species of small wildlife. Birds include rare prairie falcons, ravens, quail, starlings, horned larks and many more. Reptiles include many species of lizards and both poisonous (rattlesnakes) and non-poisonous snakes.

How to get there:

The Gold Butte HMA is located in south-central Nevada in Clark County.

About the burros:

Approximately 50 burros and horses are found in this area, with all colors and types, represented.

Information gathered from the Bureau of Land Management