Where to view wild burros in NV: Burro Wild Burro Territory

Burro Wild Burro Territory

The territory consists of 23,700 acres of National Forest land and 64,300 acres of Bureau of Land Management land (Hickson Summit Herd Management Area).

How to get there:

The Burro territory is located in Nevada approximately 20 miles east of Austin. The territory is on the northwestern portion of the Toquima Mountain Range

About the burros:

There are estimated to be about 90 burros residing in this Territory. The burros in the Toquimas are all black or dark brown in color. The underside, the muzzle, and the area encircling the eyes appear white or oyster. Yearlings or foals have less pronounced white areas. The average burro stands 44 inches tall.

Information gathered from the USFS