Where to see wild burros in CA: Big Bear Wild Burro Territory

The Big Bear Wild Burro Territory (WBT)

The Big Bear WBT is administered by the Big Bear Ranger District, San Bernardino National Forest. The territory consists of 35,000 acres.

How to get there:

The Big Bear WBT is located in California approximately 10 miles east of Big Bear Lake in southwestern San Bernardino County.

About the burros:

The Big Bear WBT is managed for a population of 60 burros. These burros are primarily gray and adults weigh about 500 pounds. Burros can be found east of Big Bear Valley. Popular hangouts for the burros include Broom Flats, Arrastre Creek, Round Valley, and the Rose Mine area. These areas can be reached via Forest Road 2N01 and 2N02. Occasionally burros are seen in Lone Valley on Forest Road 3N03. Burros are more visible in the early morning and early evening.

Information gathered from the US Forest Service