Where to see wild burros in AZ: Tassi-Gold Butte HMA

The Tassi-Gold Butte Management Area (HMA)

The herd area is roughly 30 square miles, or about 101,000 acres. The boundary was established through observation of seasonal burro activities. Burros live across the Gold Butte Mountains and Grand Wash Cliffs during relatively cool months, then head to Lake Mead and Grand Wash Springs during the desert’s hot and dry months.

How to get there:

The Tassi-Gold Butte HMA lies in southeast Nevada and northwest Arizona, between the Overton Arm of Lake Mad and the western boundary of Grand Canyon National Park. The region sits 70 miles southwest of St. George, Utah and 50 miles south of Mesquite, Nevada.

About the burros:

Currently, some 10 burros live within the HMA. Nearly 80 percent of the burros in this area are gray in color, with the remaining 20 percent being black, brown, white, pinto or piebald. Some burros possess the shoulder cross characteristic of the ancestral Nubain wild ass, and many have leg barrings associated with the Somali wild ass. Adult burros here average 48 inches in height and weight about 350 pounds.

Information gathered by the Bureau of Land Management