Where to see wild burros in AZ: Painted Rock HA

The Painted Rock Herd Area (HA)

The Herd Area is nearly 38,000 acres of lower Sonoran Desert.

How to get there:

Just 11 miles west of Gila Bend, Arizona lies the Painted Rock Herd Area (HA). The region sits just off Interstate 10, 15 miles north of Painted Rock Road. The area surrounds the Painted Rocks Reservoir.

About the Burros:

oday, the population of burros remains fairly constant at about 25 animals. Burros in this area are typically grey in color and fairly fine-boned. They average about 425 pounds and stand about 40 inches high. During the summer months, the burros congregate along the Gila River for water, forage and shade. In the late fall, they travel out into the desert and scatter throughout the area.

Information gathered by the Bureau of Land Management