Where to see wild burros in AZ: Harquahala HA

The Harquahala Herd Area (HA)

The Harquahala (hark-ah-hay-la) HA extends 126,000-acres from the Harquahala mountains on the north to the Big Horn Mountains on the south. Wild burros inhabit the Harquahala Mountains, as well as the surrounding foothills and valleys.

How to get there:

This HA lies just six miles south of Aguila, Arizona on Eagle Eye Road, some 25 miles west of Wickenburg, Arizona on U.S. Highway 60.

About the burros:

The population is estimated to be about 69 burros.

Wild burros share their habitat with other wildlife including desert bighorn sheep, desert mule deer, bobcat, mountain lion, coyotes, gray fox, Gambel’s quail, dove, bats, desert tortoise and other non-game species.

Information gathered from the Bureau of Land Management