Where to see wild burros in AZ: Black Mountain HMA

The Black Mountain HMA

The largest HMA in Arizona, Black Mountain consists of about 1.1 million acres of Mohave Desert shrub and Grand Canyon Desert shrub vegetation communities.

How to get there:

Located 15 miles west of Kingman, the area parallels the eastern shoreline of the Colorado River for 80 miles from Hoover Dam south to the Needles Bridge to California. The historic gold mining town of Oatman, Arizona, lies in the center of the southern half of the HMA, along Historic Route 66.

About the burros:

The current population level is about 475 animals, with about two thirds of the population being managed in the southern half of the HMA.

In addition to the Black Mountain HMA, the town of Oatman, Arizona has become a tourist attraction because of the burros that frequent the town.  You can read more about the burros of Oatman, here.

Information gather from the Bureau of Land Management