Where to see wild burros in AZ: Big Sandy HMA

The Big Sany Herd Management Area

The Big Sandy HMA is located in west central Arizona. The HMA includes the areas of the Big Sandy River Valley, south of Wikieup to Alamo Lake, Burro Creek to the confluence of Boulder Creek and west through the southern foothills of the Hualapai Mountains.

How to get there:

Drive 55 miles southeast of Kingman on either side of U.S. Highway 93.

About the burros:

Wild burros living in the Big Sandy HMA today are typically grey in color, though some may be brown, pink or black. These animals weigh between 450 and 500 pounds and average 44 inches in height at the shoulder when fully grown. The burros generally inhabit the lower areas of the region, preferring river bottom areas.  The current population is estimated to be about 209.

Information gathered from the Bureau of Land Management