Virginia Range Horses Looking for Homes

We still have a number of Virginia Range mustangs who were captured by the NDA and are in need of permanent homes. These include:

4 halter trained geldings
2 non-halter trained geldings
1 saddle-trained mare
The Franktown 4 (partial band) 
The Lockwood 13 (family led by the black stallion (now gelding) Black Jack and his beautiful roan, dun and grulla mares.)
Please email if you can help with placement for these wonderful horses!


  • Splash is a very beautiful and athletic 3 year old Pilot Valley mare.
  • Splash has been handled and ridden quite a bit. 
  • She is a very gentle, sweet and beautiful mare.
  • She is really easy to handle: catching her out in the field is very easy, she is easy to lead, trailer loads like she was born in a trailer and stands quietly at the tie rail enjoying to be brushed.
  • She tends to start with a bit of an energy burst at the beginning, however after some initial high-spiritness she becomes very light, focused and connected.
  • She is a quick learner and will respect them when she knows where the boundaries are.
  • She is very good with bareback riding: stands still next to a fence and also when getting on her from the ground. 



  • 3 year old Pilot Valley Mustang, unbranded.
  • Dark buckskin gelding, about 15 hands high.
  • He is very kind, and interested in what people area all about. 
  • Energetic and curious horse who is quite sensitive to pressure.
  •  With consistency and reassurance, he becomes confident, and seems very trusting in the human to lead him and keep him safe.
  • Bucky has great potential to be a faithful partner with a sensitive, experienced person.
  • He has had limited training, but can be haltered, feet picked up, led and groomed all over. 
  • Yearling gelding from Fort McDermitt Indian Reservation
  • He can be haltered, knows his hind quarter yields and has been trimmed in hand.
  • Buster is very curious and likes to nibble for snacks.
  • He's very approachable, and ready for lots of new things to learn.
  • Currently around 15 and still growing
  • Isn't a shy horse, but just needs more time spent on his education.






  • Approximately 1-2 years old
  • Beautiful solid black with a little snip of white on his back pastern and blonde highlights in his mane and tail.
  • About 13.5 hands but has a lot of growing to do.
  • Very cute and smart horse
  • Has already been working on an obstacle course
  • Would be a very good horse for someone who wants to further his training
  • Can go in any direction but especially Trail Trials


  • Approximately 2-3 Years of Age
  • Beautiful Solid Black with white diamond
  • About 14.2 hands and still growing
  • Very calm and curious
  • Very nice confirmation
  • Smart
  • Halter Training is in process






  • Approximately 2-3 Years of Age
  • Beautiful Red Roan Appy with black socks
  • About 14.2 and growing
  • Very strong personality
  • Lead horse when in a group
  • Nicely gaited
  • Halter Training is in Process


  • Approximately 2-3 years of Age
  • Bay with black socks and black mane and tail
  • About 14 hands and still growing
  • Very sweet personality
  • Curious about all new things not intimidated
  • Not a dominant horse
  • Halter training is in process




The Lockwood Family

  • 2 geldings
  • 7 mares
  • 2 yearling  
  • 3 foals

Read more about each member of the Lockwood family here.



We really want to find a home or sanctuary where we can keep this whole family together.  If you are a sanctuary or have room for this whole family please email and be sure to visit our page on facebook for updated informaton and progress reports: Virginia Range Mustang Rescue and Adoption