Update on the Virginia Range Mustang Rescue

Update December 8, 2014:

After a 36-hour, cross-country journey, five Virginia Range mustangs - including a young gelding and four young mares who each appear to be pregnant, arrived safely this morning at 2 a.m. at the Treadway Equine Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Rogersville, Tennessee.

From Mollie and Melissa Bird of TEARS, "They are here safe and came right out went to the trough got a big drink and hit the grass hay.  They are so beautiful and we are so proud to have them here.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us be the ones to give them their forever happy home and all they will ever need."


Update December 5, 2014:

Two members of the "Dayton 3" safe at Steadfast Steeds.

The five Virginia Range, known as the Lockwood 2 and the Dayton 3, arrived safely at their forever home with Steadfast Steeds sanctuary in Colorado on December 5th. View the photos below!


Watch a piece about these horses here.

November 21, 2014:

We have some wonderful news to share with you regarding the fate of 31 Virginia Range mustangs who were captured by the Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) and are currently being held at the Carson City Prison. All 31 wild horses have found homes and have been saved from the slaughter auction! And the best news of all -- the families will be placed together!

-Bond and his family are being adopted by the Reno-based Virginia Range Wild Horse Sanctuary

-The "Fernley 10" will hav

e a wonderful life with 650 other rescued wild mustangs at the Mustang Monument Eco Resort and Preserve near Elko, Nevada. 

-The "Lockwood 5" are going to the mountains of eastern Tennessee to the Treadway Equine Animal Rescue Sanctuary (TEARS). 

-The "Stagecoach 6" are headed back to Stagecoach to the Starlight Sanctuary.  

-The "Dayton 3" and the "Lockwood 2" - including a beautiful blue-eyed, buckskin foal - are being adopted by Steadfast Steeds in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Contributions from generous AWHPC supporters have made this rescue possible. This was a true community rescue effort involving Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund and other coalition partners in Northern Nevada, our founding organization Return to Freedom, the wonderful rescues and sanctuaries that have stepped up to help these horses, and the thousands of AWHPC supporters who spread the word, donated funds and networked to find these horses homes.

When we pull together, miracles can happen!

We still have a number of Virginia Range mustangs who were captured by the NDA and are in need of permanent homes. These include:

4 halter trained geldings
2 non-halter trained geldings
1 saddle-trained mare
The Franktown 4 (partial band) 
The Lockwood 13 (family led by the black stallion (now gelding) Black Jack and his beautiful roan, dun and grulla mares.)
Please email karen@wildhorsepreservation.org if you can help with placement for these wonderful horses!