Supporter Stories Celebrating Burros

From Renee Richard:

"When I first moved to Big Bear, Ca in 1990, there were quite a few burros in the area. Left from the mining days of the past in this valley.  One week when my mom was visiting I heard what I thought was a knock on the front door. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door and a large burro proceeded to walk right into my house. I can still see my mom  rolling with laughter as I pushed the burro back out the door."

Photo at left by Kristi Johnson Photography

From Robin Brown:

"My first encounter with a burro came at a boarding facility. They brought in this young burro and castrated him with no anesthesia. They made him rope nightly and put him back in his pen sometimes with no food or water I couldn't stand it so I would wait until the guys left and I would sneak over nightly and feed him. This went on for about a year finally the guys were asked to leave and I talked them into selling me the Burro. He's been with me for three years now,my horses love him and so do I!"


A rescue story from our amazing coalition partner, the Center for Animal Protection and Education (CAPE)

"Celina, a beautiful, wild burro, lived with her herd on the wind swept California desert for more than 25 years. Then one terrible day, Celina’s herd scattered as the animals were chased by a low flying helicopter in order to round them up into trap pens..."

Read more about Celina's journey to sanctuary, here -->

From Kristi Johnson:

"After years of photographing and observing wild horses and burros, I came to realize what incredible animals burros are.

From afar, I could tell they were smart, sensitive and caring. I never knew much more about them. Eight years ago this month, we ran across an ad on an equine site stating that two burros needed a permanent home. A couple from Marshall, Texas had adopted two burros and had an acre of land. The gentleman passed away and his wife was unable to keep up with the animals and the land. After time, there ended up being nine burros on an acre of land and they were reaching starvation and malnutrition. The neighbors in this community started fostering the burros and placed ads to have them adopted.

We answered the ad and adopted 3 month old Jonathan and his mom, Sunset. Not having burros before, I didn't know exactly what to expect. An immediate bond formed and on the very first day of bringing them home, I realized how lucky I was. They are the most caring, loving, devoted, curious, playful and sensitive animals in the world. I use to look at burros and see their ears first. Now after years of having them in my life, I see their smiles. They have given me years of joy and I am so fortunate to have them."

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