Owyhee Complex Roundup: November 29, 2016

November 30, 2016

From Photographer, Kimerlee Curyl:

"I have spent the last 14 years photographing wild horses - FREE. To bear witness to them losing their freedom after only enjoying and sharing their beauty and grace on the range was more terrifying and heartbreaking than I already imagined. To watch an empty trailer drive in, knowing it would leave filled with a family, to watch a Judas horse be sent out to do his "job" - trained to be a traitor, to know their lives were now completely changed, Freedom lost Forever. These were the moments I knew would change me forever. I was already a fierce advocate for keeping them wild; now the depth of my dedication has grown to heights I never imagined. The time is now for MORE to be done. The strongest and most viable way we can keep them free is to support the use of  PZP birth control and organizations such as AWHPC."

Yesterday, at the Owyhee Complex roundup AWHPC staff witnessed two bands captured -- 11 horses total -- seven stallions, two mares and two foals. There was one death at the holding pens, when a previously captured stallion who was slated for release was kicked in the holding pen by another stallion. He sustained what BLM believes was a fractured shoulder and he was euthanized as a result. 

The stallion on the right was euthanized due to a severe injury sustained when he was kicked by another stallion. The horse on the left was observed kicking the injured stallion and trying to get out of the pen, slipping in the mud and trying to jump the panels. 

This band of horses was captured on November 29, 2016, which has been underway since November 2 in the Owyhee Complex in Nevada.

AWHPC observers were given a tour of temporary holding. These are some of the Little Owyhee HMA stallions who have been captured in this roundup. The stallions in this pen are scheduled to be released back to the range. 

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