The Lockwood Family

February 15, 2015:

This week the Lockwood wild horses were released to their spacious 300-acre pasture. The palpable joy of the horses galloping and bucking at their newly-gained freedom has struck a chord with all who have viewed the photos and video!

Watch their release below!


January 10, 2015:

The Lockwood Family, a beautiful band of Virginia Range mustangs saved from the slaughter auction arrived at their forever home- a beautiful 7,000 acres private sanctuary in California. They had been in foster care with a wonderful person in north Reno for almost a year.

After a few days of getting acclimated to their new environment, they were released into a much larger pasture where they will live out their lives in peace together as a family.

View more photos of their new home here.

The Lockwood Family is Looking for a Forever Home

Black Jack

Black Jack is the jet black, very handsome and well-built former stallion now gelding that is the Patriarch of the herd. He is a very kind and calm horse and everyone that has met him has fallen in love with him. He will happily lead the family to the area where the food is dropped as soon as anybody shows up and stand there very majestically looking at us as if he’s saying, “well start throwing that hay.”  He lets us walk around by all of the horses with no threat at all. The only time he was a bit fussy is when we were feeding the younger horses by hand. At first, I was not sure if he did not want them around humans or if he wanted the hay for himself. Now we know he wanted to eat the hay from our hands himself. More photos of Black Jack, here.


Duenna, which is Spanish for chaperone or female leader, is the lead mare. She is almost always by Black Jack;s side and they make a very stunning pair. She is black with a white muzzle and is also very calm with us but can be bossy with the other horses especially the younger mares. In April,  Duenna gave birth to a beautiful little colt, Tex. Sadly, Duenna rejected the baby and he had to be pulled for his own safety.


Tex has turned into a stunning yearling. He is happy and rambunctious! He is now in the care AWHPC's Karen Vineis before returning to his family to see if he will accepted back in. If he cannot be integrated, he will looking for a new forever home.

*September 4, 2014 Update: Tex went to see his family! Read about it here.

Lightning Jack

Lightning Jack is the little colt that was born while the family was in the possession of the NDA. He is a little pistol with a white lightning bolt down his face. Like many young foals, he feels he is the center of attention and runs around terrorizing the younger horses and will even go up to Black Jack with no restraint. He will let out a little whinny when he sees somebody like the older horses do when they want some hay. He has no problem walking up to check us out and then will run off stomping his little feet and swishing his tail to get his mom to let him nurse. More photos of Lightening Jack, here.

Black Velvet

Black Velvet is Lightning Jack’s mother and she is a beautiful solid black mare. At first she spent a lot of time chasing the other horses away and watching him closely, but she has relaxed quite a bit now and he pretty much does what he wants.

Lightning Jill

Lightning Jill is a darling bay yearling with another lightning bolt blaze and white socks. She is very friendly and one of the younger mares that are very curious and will eat hay right out of your hand. She pals around with the other friendly yearlings.


Rojo, a red/bay yearling, is another friendly yearling who pals around with Lightening Jill and Cinnamon Sugar.

Cinnamon Sugar

Cinnamon Sugar is a really beautiful red roan. If you are in the area for any length of time Lightening Jill, Rojo and Cinnamon Sugar will always approach you. More photos of Cinnamon can be found here.

Purple Rain

Purple Rain is Rojo’s mother and she is a combination Red/Blue roan. In May, she gave birth to another colt, Shadow.


In the middle of the day when least expected on May 13th Purple Rain gave birth to Shadow, a jet black little colt with a little star on his forehead.  There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that this baby’s daddy is Black Jack.  He has a lot more legs than coordination at this point but he will eventually grow into those legs and master the art of walking.  He already enjoys napping in the sun, eating and investigating what ever his cousins Lightning Jack and Sundance are doing. For more photos of Shadow, please click here.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon is another yearling in the family – we are not sure if she is related to Purple Rain. Blue Moon is not as friendly as the other yearlings and hangs back behind the braver horses.

Misty Dawn

Misty Dawn will shed out into a pretty dun color and she is another pregnant mare maybe later than the others for foaling. She has unfortunately been injured and we have been watching her closely in case she really gets into trouble. So far she is holding her own and we are cautiously optimistic that her injury will heal up on its own.On April 16th, 2014 Misty Dawn gave birth to a colt named Sundance.


Sundance is one very happy colt! For being so young, he already considers life to be nothing but fun. He is trying to eat grass already and play with the other horses which mom is not too comfortable with. He will follow the caretaker around tugging at her sleeve, just looking for someone to play with. He is also a very brave little boy. He is absolutely adorable with his tufted mane and very curly tail. More photos of Sundance, here.

This whole family amazes everyone who meets them by how friendly they have become in such a short period of time.  It is really awesome to go out to their pasture while they just hang out around you grazing or being curious about what you are.

Special thanks to the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries for its generous contribution toward the rescue of these horses.