BLM Extends Owyhee Roundup to Capture Additional 200 Wild Horses

December 1, 2016

This day we observed the release of 20 trailer loads of captured Little Owyhee wild horses. These included approximately 98 stallions and 103 mares who had been treated with the PZP-22 vaccine (exact numbers to follow).

The release went smoothly, but the exhilaration of watching these beautiful mustangs released back to the range was dampened by the observation of two massive semis loaded with just captured wild horses headed toward the BLM's holding pens near Reno.

These horses will never see freedom again and face an uncertain future. The release ends the roundup in the Little Owyhee HMA. However, since the roundup ended a week early, the BLM is adding on an additional capture operation to remove 200 wild horses from an area south of the Little Owyhee HMA. These horses will join the 1,200 Little Owyhee horses who have lost their freedom forever in this roundup.

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