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US agency's Nevada boss urges roundup of 4,000 mustangs

By Scott Sonner, Associated Press

May 2, 2016


The U.S. Bureau of Land Management's Nevada director wants to free up more federal rangeland for livestock grazing this summer by rounding up 4,000 wild horses in Elko County— more than were gathered across 10 Western states combined last year.

NSW Government to cull 90pc of brumbies in Kosciusko National Park over next 20 years


April 30, 2016

A plan to almost wipe out the Snowy Mountains brumby population over the next two decades has been released by the New South Wales Government today.

Letter: Horse sterilization raises questions

By Charlotte E. Roe, Corvallis Gazette-Times

April 29, 2016

Priscilla Cohn’s April 10 As I See It piece, "Sterilization is a Bad Idea,” raises important questions for all those who care about ethical behavior and our national heritage. In May, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) plans to surgically sterilize 225 wild mustang mares and immature fillies now in holding pens at its Hines, Oregon corral. The experimental surgeries will be conducted in cooperation with Oregon State University.

San Rafael Swell’s wild burros to get scientific scrutiny

By Brian Maffly, The Salt Lake Tribune

April 29, 2016

Meanwhile, Utah's other burro herd, which roams east of Hanksville, has not been subject to a roundup since 1989. Its numbers have remained stable at 120, probably because the herd has found a balance with predators, Warr said.

The uncertain fate of the Salt River horses

By Rebecca Brisley, The State Press

April 26, 2016

On a sweltering afternoon, Simone Netherlands stood on the rocky shore of the Salt River. A tall woman with blonde hair, she wore a T-shirt that said: PROTECT AND RESPECT WILD HORSES AND BURROS.

Utah official: BLM 'impotent' to deal with wild horse problem

By Amy Joi O'Donoghue, KSL

April 26, 2016

SALT LAKE CITY — A frustrated Beaver County commissioner complained to a top U.S. Department of Interior official that the agency is like a gelded horse and "impotent" to solve the wild horse problem in the West.

NV Gov. may sue if BLM won't pony up for mustang roundups

By Scott Sonner, Associated Press

April 27, 2016

RENO, NEV. — Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval is considering legal action to force the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to pony up some money to pay for roundups of wild horses in the state that have been put on hold because of federal budgetary constraints.

Letter: OSU should nix horse sterilizations

By Suzanne Roy, AWHPC

Apri 25, 2016

It’s disheartening to see Oregon State University and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management poised to carry out cruel and needless sterilization experiments on more than 200 wild horses held in the BLM’s wild horse corrals in Hines.

Key House Committee Takes Horse Slaughter off the Menu

By Michael Markarian, HSUS

April 19, 2016

We had a powerful showing today in the U.S. House Appropriations Committee, with animal protection leaders Reps. Sam Farr, D-Calif., and Charlie Dent, R-Pa., securing enough votes to pass their amendment dealing with horse slaughter for human consumption. The "defund" amendment to prevent the opening of horse slaughter plants on U.S. soil passed by a vote of 25 to 23.

Complaint Filed Over Plans for Sterilization Research on US Wild Horses

By Horsetalk

April 21, 2016

A challenge is being mounted against planned sterilization experiments to be conducted on wild horses through an Oregon State University (OSU) research project.



April 18, 2016

Data Quantifying and Qualifying Grazing Effects on Land Health Belatedly Restored

Bill Would Put Salt River Herd Under State Jurisdiction

By Pat Raia, The Horse

April 17, 2016

Arizona's Salt River feral horse herd would be protected by local law enforcement and U.S. Forest Service (USFS) authorities under legislation passed by that state’s Senate earlier this month.