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  • Death Toll Mounts from Wyoming Wild Horse Roundup

    Records obtained by AWHPC under the Freedom of Information Act indicate that an additional 75 horses died in BLM holding pens in the days and months after their capture.

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  • Fish Creek Wild Horses Released!

    Last week, the BLM overcame rancher protests and legal challenges to release 163 wild horses back to the range in the Fish Creek HMA in Nevada.

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  • Say NO to Removal from Cloud's Herd in Montana

    The BLM is seeking public input on a scoping notice for the proposed removal of 30 wild horses ages 1-3 from the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range.


  • Urge BLM to Release Senior Stallion Back to the Range!

    This senior should be released back to his home & his herd to live out the rest of his life wild and free.


  • Tell BLM Advisory Board to Keep Wild Horses Wild!

    The BLM intends to remove 2,000 wild horses and burros from their homes on the range this fiscal year, so there is not a moment to waste!

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