Our goal

Our goal is to protect America’s wild horses and burros by stopping the federal government’s systematic elimination of these national icons from our public lands. It’s not too late to act to save the mustangs! Please watch the video and get involved today.

By the Numbers

  • Cattle vs. wild horses on public lands

    50: 1

    Wild horses are stockpiled in government facilities

    5 out of 8

    Horses removed from public lands since 1971


    Acres of Wild Horse & burro habitat lost since 1971

    22.2 Million

    of Herds reduced below genetic viability level

    70 %


Using low flying helicopters to terrorize and stampede wild horses into trap pens is far below the standard of humane treatment of animals that most Americans will tolerate. Yet our government has been doing it for decades.


We support safe and proven fertility control to maintain healthy population levels. The method has proven very successful, is easy to administer and is cheaper and more humane than costly and traumatic roundups and confinement.

How You Can Help

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    Feds Backtrack on Protecting Bi-state Sage Grouse

    By The Center for Biological Diversity

    RENO, Nev.— The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service today abandoned its plan to give Endangered Species Act protection to Mono Basin sage grouse...

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    Fertile fillies

    EDITORS NOTE: Due to the delay in administering PZP to the Pine Nut horses, another roundup will take place and even more horses will be permanently removed from the range. As this article...

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    California Men Charged With Shooting at Wild Burros

    By Pat Raia, The Horse

    Three California men have been charged with attempting to shoot wild burros in a residential area of Moreno Valley.

    In written statement the Riverside County...

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    Federal Legislation Introduced to Prohibit Slaughter of American Horses

    By Wayne Pacelle, HSUS

    Federal lawmakers today introduced legislation to prevent the establishment of horse slaughter operations within the U.S., end the current export of American horses...

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