Our goal

Our goal is to protect America’s wild horses and burros by stopping the federal government’s systematic elimination of these national icons from our public lands. It’s not too late to act to save the mustangs! Please watch the video and get involved today.

By the Numbers

  • Cattle vs. wild horses on public lands

    50: 1

    Wild horses are stockpiled in government facilities

    5 out of 8

    Horses removed from public lands since 1971


    Acres of Wild Horse & burro habitat lost since 1971

    22.2 Million

    of Herds reduced below genetic viability level

    70 %


Using low flying helicopters to terrorize and stampede wild horses into trap pens is far below the standard of humane treatment of animals that most Americans will tolerate. Yet our government has been doing it for decades.


We support safe and proven fertility control to maintain healthy population levels. The method has proven very successful, is easy to administer and is cheaper and more humane than costly and traumatic roundups and confinement.

How You Can Help

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    Fazio: Science escapes Legislature on horse bill

    By Patricia M. Fazio, Letter to the editor, Casper Star Tribune

    Recently, I read a report that the gap between the public’s beliefs and scientific fact is rather large — and growing. The...

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    Wild horses auctioned off to a home instead of the slaughterhouse

    By Lisa MacGregor, Global News

    CALGARY – Some of the province’s wild horses were saved from the slaughterhouse after an Alberta auctioneer took steps to find them a...

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    AWHPC In The News, News

    Arguments set for Monday in Wyoming wild horse roundup case

    By Mead Gruver, Associated Press

    CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Arguments in a federal lawsuit contesting the roundup of hundreds of wild horses in western Wyoming last fall will focus on a federal law...

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    Bad ranchers, bad cows

    By Vickery Eckhoff,  The Daily Pitchfork

    Livestock have been severely depleting public rangelands for decades. They do so by trampling vegetation, damaging soil, spreading invasive weeds,...

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